Warranty & Maintenance & Returns

Your Planet Cookware has the world leading non stick coating “LOTAN”. To ensure you obtain the maximum life span from the Lotan coating please follow the below instructions;

• Before using the cookware for the first time, please rinse thoroughly your cookware in warm water and a drop of detergent.

• Wipe dry with a paper towel to remove all moisture.

• Then “season” the pan by rubbing the inner surface with a liberal coating of rape seed or sunflower oil. Leave for a short period and wash the pan to remove the excess oil.

• Never over heat the pan without food in it, this may cause the Lotan to burn and potentially damage the surface.

• Never leave the pan soaking in water or leave food in the pan after cooking. The Lotan surface breaths and leaving the pan in a wet state for an extended time can damage the Lotan.

• Do not use and sharp edged, hard surfaced or cutting utensils on the Lotan surface. Please be aware the non stick Lotan is a “wearing surface” so overtime this will degrade.

Following the above will ensure you obtain the maximum life from the Lotan surface Planet Cookware can recoat the non stick surface of your Pan if and when required. Please see the service section on our webpage.


WARRANTY : Pan Structure =  Life.  LOTAN Coating = 6 years

RETURNS: Returns are at the discretion of Planet Cookware (unless covered by Consumer Guarantees Act) and result in a 25% re stocking fee.  This covers cost of inspection and sterilizing of all returns to ensure we meet health standards.