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Buy any 26cm (or larger) Planet Cookware Pan today and we include free in your shipment a matching 20cm ZENx Pan

Why is "PLANET" different

"Planet Cookware" has LOTAN

In simple terms the quality of the LOTAN non stick surface is what differentiates us from every compeitior - even others from Germany.

LOTAN is a joint collaboration from our German manufacture and a Swiss company that has been patented and is now universally considered the "best in the world".

This is reinforced to us by the many customers who are repeat purchasers of Planet Cookware.

We are so confident that we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with quality of the LOTAN surfaced we cookware.

  • Planet

Planet currently source its pan cookware from the city of Schalksmuhle in Germany.

  • Perfect, Even Cooking Results

    Our premium pans produce even heat distribution for perfect cooking results.  Featuring revol...

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  • Award-Winning Reputation

    The excellent quality of the PLANET cookware line has been confirmed many times by independen...

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  • Best Warranty

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  • Detachable Handle

    Convenient ergonomic design with many benefits that include:

    Innovative product...

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  • Made in Germany

    Each pan and piece of cookware is created using a hand-casting method and is subject to stric...

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