LOTAN = Why is this the best non stick surface in the world


Lotan is made from 5 Layers

1- Non-Stick Surface Finish. Non-stick coating layer, made from our unique Lotan® sealing with antibacterial effect.

2- Reinforced Layer. Reinforced layer, fortified with mineral particles to provide a long lasting abrasion resistance.

3- Anti-Corrosion Layer. Anti-corrosion layer for optimal protection against aggressive detergents, fruit acids and acetic.

4- Titanium Oxide Layer. Titanium oxide layer nearly as hard as diamond, burned on at 20.000 °C, extremely scratch and cut resistant.

5- Heavy Duty, Hand -Casted, Aluminium. Abrasive blasting enhances the surface area 12 times better, enabling superior adhesion for the subsequent layers